Employee Assist Helpline

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Employee Assist Helpline

How often have you had to answer the same questions for employees? Could you utilise your time better if someone else could provide employees with information relating to their payroll calculations or personal circumstances affecting their payroll? Now, there is a solution enabling you focus on your work without constant interruptions from employees. The Gordon Ryan Finance Ltd Employee Assist Helpline is available to employees of clients and will assist them with queries relating to their payslip calculations and personal taxation issues. Our experienced advisors provide confidential advice and on-line support with access to forms, leaflets and guides to ensure your employees get the most from their payroll.

Some of the FAQ’s supported by our Team include:

  • Why am I on Emergency Tax?
  • Why is my take-home pay different to last month even though my salary is the same?
  • My spouse is not at work now. How does that affect my tax situation?
  • I’ve been offered the use of a company car – what are the implications?
  • I’m pregnant – what paperwork do I need to complete?
  • My son is starting college – how do I apply for tax relief?
  • I’m getting married next year – how will that impact on my tax situation?
  • I understand I can claim back for medical expenses. How do I do that?
  • I’m coming to work in Ireland for a year – will I be taxed in Ireland or at home?
  • My employer does not pay when I’m out sick. How is my Social Welfare taxed?
  • I didn’t get a P45 from my last employer. What should I do?
  • What’s the best amount to contribute to my Pension Fund for tax purposes?
  • My employer has offered the Cycle to Work Scheme. How does that work?
  • This is my first employment. What do I need to do?
  • How many contributions do I need to make to qualify for Illness benefit?

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