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For businesses starting out or long established, we saves you time and money. We ensure you get the best outcome for your payroll spend. Our flexible, friendly service means you pay for what you need - no more, no less.

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We're real people-we live and work in Ireland. We're passionate about payroll and get personal satisfaction from every payroll completed correctly and on-time, we acknowledge we're not perfect but we take pride in our work and achievements to date.
We're honest, reliable and trustworthy-these are the values that matter to us. We work with organisations and people of similar values.
We're committed to continuous improvement and excellence in every aspect of our business. We consistently achieve 1% improvement across all areas of our business. Progressive and steady!


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When your payroll needs the input of experienced payroll professionals, Gordon Ryan Finance is the answer!

Together, we evaluate your payroll needs and agree on a service designed specifically for you.



Gordon Ryan Finance offers outsource payroll services for small and medium businesses allowing you to focus your time and resources on your core business

Outsourcing key administration tasks such as your payroll to a reputable outsource payroll provider reduces costs, resources and saves your business money.


Have you considered how you would deal with the absence of the payroll operator in your company?

Having a suitably experienced and qualified in-house replacement is not always feasible. The continually changing calculations and legislative requirements require ongoing training and updating which may not be possible or cost effective for every business.


Universal Social Charge (USC) manual

Updated December 2016

The USC Tax and Duty Manual has been updated to reflect the changes of rates and rate bands announced in Budget 2016. These new rates and rate bands apply for the tax year 2017 and subsequent years.