Payroll Consultancy Services

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Payroll Consultancy Services

Payroll accounts for the biggest spend in most companies. Payroll taxes account for more Revenue to the Exchequer than Corporation Tax and VAT combined. Few people would entrust their Corporation Tax or VAT to an amateur so doesn’t it make sense to engage a professional payroll consultant to take care of your payroll spend?

The experienced and qualified Payroll Consultants from Gordon Ryan Finance Ltd, work with companies to ensure that their payroll is structured for maximum efficiency. They take into consideration the size of the business, the sector in which it operates, the profile of the employees as well as the salary package on offer. Their expert advice enables you make decisions that will make a real difference to your bottom line while ensuring your employees minimise their deductions for maximum take home pay. Our in-house payroll clinics and Payroll Assist Helpline will help your employees understand the personal circumstances that affect their payroll taxes and take home pay. Our payroll consultants work with you to create transparent and compliant outputs to satisfy the most stringent audits from Revenue, the Department of Social Protection and the National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) while bespoke Management Reports will provide you with the information you need to plan for future requirements and drive your business forward.

So you’re operating payroll in-house. Can you be entirely confident that your software is set up correctly to calculate your payroll?

Are you happy that you understand how the various taxes and charges should be applied to payments, benefits, share options, pensions, Social Welfare and other payroll additions and deductions?

Do you need help with your payroll year-end or with setting up your payroll for the next tax year?

Perhaps you would benefit from speaking to one of our payroll specialists or consultants? When it comes to year-end are you concerned about the completion of your P35 and setting up your payroll for the next tax year? Speak to one of our payroll consultants about reviewing your payroll before submission to Revenue. Avoid penalties, fines and interests. Our consultants can also advise you on the set-up of your payroll for the next tax year once ensuring that your calculations will meet the latest legislative requirements. The management of payroll deserves careful consideration to ensure that it’s operating as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

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